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TIP : Showing login failure message in devise views in rails

While working with devise gem, I need to show the failure messages like “Invalid username / password” (As shown in the below image) when user enters a wrong username/password.


I have added the flash massage to show the error as shown in below code in app/view/devise/sessions/new

Hope this helps

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Tip : Making email as optional (not mandatory) field in devise in Rails

This situation arises, when we need to login through a different unique key other than email and wanted email to be optional in the entry form.


Make sure in config/initializers/devise.rb to set the config.authentication_keys to some other field (not email, which is default) in devise.rb

Now, let’s do

In the model rb (user.rb in my case) file,

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Multiple Submit buttons in a single view in Rails

While working in an assignment, I have to dealt with view where I have to re-send the verification code form the same view in which I have to accept the verification code.


As shown in the image, “Confirm” and “Resend code” both are 2 submit buttons. I need to resend another code from the same page without redirecting.

How I made it work ??

View part

Added both the submit buttons

Controller part

Handled the post action part

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[Fixed] CSS loading issue after fixing ExecJS::ProgramError in page

I have manage to fix my ExecJS::ProgramError as mentioned in my last post.

The error got disappeared as soon as I change the “application” to “default”. But the issue I faced now is, my app is unable to locate and load the CSS and JS. None of the styles got loaded.

I tried to inspect the issue. Looked into the source rendered in the browser by choosing the “view source” option.


From the source it looks like the app is trying to locate the default.css and default.js, which is not present.

Fix I followed

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Fixing ExecJS::ProgramError in page

How I got the issue

Created a new project in rails
$ rails new StaticPageDemo

Added static_page controller to it with home action
$ rails generate controller static_page home

Ran the server
$ rails server

Got this error while tried to access the page in http://localhost:3000/static_page/home

ExecJS programError


After some search in Google, I got a solution from this link, which helped me fixing the issue. I also learned, It is an issue with the windows. The application parameter works on the web server.

Opened the application.html.erb in app/views/layouts folder of StaticPageDemo project. Replaced application with default.

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