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BBSRAzureCamp Windows Phone App

The Global Azure Boot Camp is getting organized in Bhubaneswar, the Capital City of art, culture and history riched state Odisha, India.

The BBSRAzureCamp app is a FREE hand guide for the attendees to help them to get the detailed info on the event.


Guides attendees reach in the venue with the street level map view.The Session details puts some light on how the event will proceed on that day.


Along with the sessions, the Speakers are also equally important to the attendees. So does the Speakers tab. It also gives a brief introduction of the speakers.

We should not also forget the Organizing team, who spends their dedicated effort and time to make it happen. Also the Sponsors, who have extended their helping hand to make this event happen.

Please download the app and let me know how you feel about it.

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[Released] : Xamarin support for Apple Watch Kit

Apple announced the Smart Watch last week !!!

What is Apple Watch ??
A smart watch to run in-built apps, download and run store apps, connect people, keeps track of health & fitness, keeps timing etc. Just more than a normal watch.


Can we develop apps for this ??
Yes, we can.

What are the prerequisites to develop an app for the watch ??

  • XCode 6.2 in MAC with the Apple Watch Kit to develop app for the watch
  • Latest version of Xamarin iOS
  • Visual Studio with Xamarin Plugin installed Or Xamarin Studio

Can we develop app for Apple watch using Xamarin ?
Yes, Xamarin has released support for Apple watch KIT this week. We can use either Visual Studio OR Xamarin Studio IDE to develop app for the Apple watch.

Some key points

  • We cannot install the app directly into the Watch. It needs an iPhone to get the app download, deploy and run in the watch.
  • The C# code to run the app stays in the Phone and the UI elements such as images, storyboard components etc resides in the watch.
  • While developing the app for watch, we need to specify the same bundle ID in the Watch app and in he iPhone app.

More references ?

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Display requirement specific keyboard using Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin uses the Keyboard class to show different virtual keyboards depending upon the user request. It contains several static properties to create different kind of virtual keyboards. Xamarin displays the Default Keyboard, if nothing is specified.

Keyboard for Chatting


It opens up the default virtual keyboard in the device, which would be convenient for chatting, having few extra keys.

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Using a Scrollview in XamarinForms

What is it ???

The short answer is ScrollView is a Layout. But it can only contain a single Visual Element in its Content property.

Why So ???

Because, the Layouts such as Stack, relative etc. are derived from Layout<T> generic class. This Layout<T> generic class is derived from the Layout class, which is a non-generic class.

ScrollView is inherited from the Non-generic Layout class. That is the same reason, why it does not support a generic way to add children. It only exhibits the Content property to accept a single view or a Layout.


Usage by example

Usage Example #1 : Let’s display a paragraph of scrolling text

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