[Solved] SmartDeviceException – App deployment failed in Windows Phone Emulator

The Issue When I tried to run my windows phone app in the emulator I was receiving the following error. **Error 1 Error : DEP6100 : The following unexpected error occurred during boostrapping stage ‘Connecting to the device’: SmartDeviceException – App deployment failed. Please try again.¬† The error was just killing me. It was another

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Different pages in Xamarin

Pages are the basic components for application building. Pages when compiled to the iOS native app gets converted to UIViewController, Activities for Android and Pages for Windows Phone. Xamarin supports following type of pages.

Pages in Xamarin

Content page

  • Creates a simple page with single view
  • Contains scrollview or stack layout
  • Most commonly used type page

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Upload Failed : You uploaded a debuggable APK

It was quite late in the evening and I was about to wrap up my work. Suddenly I got a call form my client in Skype and he shared his concerns of uploading the build to production. Although it was late, I thought to help him before I close the day, since that guy is in

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