[Fixed] CSS loading issue after fixing ExecJS::ProgramError in page

I have manage to fix my ExecJS::ProgramError as mentioned in my last post.

The error got disappeared as soon as I change the “application” to “default”. But the issue I faced now is, my app is unable to locate and load the CSS and JS. None of the styles got loaded.

I tried to inspect the issue. Looked into the source rendered in the browser by choosing the “view source” option.


From the source it looks like the app is trying to locate the default.css and default.js, which is not present.

Fix I followed

I found the hint to fix from this link. It hinted, the issue lies in the coffee-script-source version. So changed the “default” back to “application” as I have already change earlier (mentioned in my previous post).

In my machine, I found it is coffee-script-source 1.10.0, which seems like has issue with Windows. So reverted back to coffee-script-source 1.8.0

Added the following lines in Gemfile

Run the command to update the coffee script

I got it worked now !!!

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