More data in a row : Android Listview using Xamarin

What do you want ?

I just wanted to add a date along with the each place of earthquake that is in the list in my previous blog.

We can use any of the way, like ListActivity or adding a ListView control to the Layout. Here I am going to do it with the ListView control.

Steps to do it

Pretty simple steps.

  • Add a Listview to the layout
  • Create a class or dictionary to contain the custom list of data
  • Customize the Adapter to contain the custom data
  • Use the custom Adapter instead of the default Adapter

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A simple way to show listview in Android using Xamarin

Ways to do it

There are basically 2 ways to do it in Android.

  • Using the Listview control
  • Using the ListActivity

By using ListActivity

In this way we don’t need to define any Listview in our AXML page. Just few lines of code will do it.

Categories: Android, CSharp, Visual Studio, Xamarin

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