Quick Recap : Global Azure Bootcamp 2015 in Bhubaneswar

It was the day Saturday, 25th April 2015 at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

We started the registration checking process at around 9:30 AM. Rojalin Sahoo and Rasmita Dash has started with the process. They were validating the attendee ids and distributing the Notepad, Pencil and attendee tags to them. At the same time, Pravasini Sahoo was guiding the attendees and looking into the hall arrangements with Bisnu Gochhayat and Bholanath Sarma.
Registration Process

We are all set now to begin. Sarika Pradhan being our host, started the event. Invited the speakers one after the other.


Keynote by Ankit Mohanty
Ankit started the keynote on the Community, Agenda for the day and brief introduction to Azure. Also put lights on “what we can do with Azure”, which started getting covered with the proceeding sessions one after the other.

Website Building in Azure by Tadit Dash
Now it was time for Tadit Dash, Micrososft MVP and Co-founder of MSDC Odisha, to start the website building session with Azure. He covered the way to building a website in a real quick and easy way.

Azure Storage by Abhishek Sur
Mr. Abhishek Sur, Microsoft MVP, Author and our guest speaker from Kolkata has started on the Azure storage. He has made us learn on the storage, types, load balance, storage redundance etc.

IoT in Azure by Pooja Baraskar
Pooja has started the session on Internet Of Things in Azure. It was very realistic learning session with devices like Intel Galelio.

Uff.. Enough.. Hungry now, it was the time for Lunch

Machine Learning by Abhishek Nandy
Machine learning and gesture based apps with Azure was a very interesting topic started by Abhishek Nandy, Microsoft MVP and our guest speaker on that day. His demonstrations were awesome.

Azure Mobile Service by Nirmal Hota
I started with the Azure mobile services. Covered the ways of mobile development and the ways Azure supports. Demonstrated the Xamarin Android with Azure mobile services.

Azure backup, recover and upgrade by Sumantro Mukherjee
The final session for that day has delivered by Sumantro. A very interactive session done on covering the backup, recover and up-gradation.

Time to distribute goodies to conclude the event.

Lats but not the least, a very very special thanks to the sponsors of the event, they who helped us to make this event successful.

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