Quick Recap : Global Azure Bootcamp 2015 in Bhubaneswar

It was the day Saturday, 25th April 2015 at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

We started the registration checking process at around 9:30 AM. Rojalin Sahoo and Rasmita Dash has started with the process. They were validating the attendee ids and distributing the Notepad, Pencil and attendee tags to them. At the same time, Pravasini Sahoo was guiding the attendees and looking into the hall arrangements with Bisnu Gochhayat and Bholanath Sarma.
Registration Process

We are all set now to begin. Sarika Pradhan being our host, started the event. Invited the speakers one after the other.

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BBSRAzureCamp Windows Phone App

The Global Azure Boot Camp is getting organized in Bhubaneswar, the Capital City of art, culture and history riched state Odisha, India.

The BBSRAzureCamp app is a FREE hand guide for the attendees to help them to get the detailed info on the event.


Guides attendees reach in the venue with the street level map view.The Session details puts some light on how the event will proceed on that day.


Along with the sessions, the Speakers are also equally important to the attendees. So does the Speakers tab. It also gives a brief introduction of the speakers.

We should not also forget the Organizing team, who spends their dedicated effort and time to make it happen. Also the Sponsors, who have extended their helping hand to make this event happen.

Please download the app and let me know how you feel about it.

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Xamarin.Forms.Maps integration in WinPhone Project

Map is an external component which will be obtained from the Nuget Component store.

Integration of Maps requires some config changes from platform to platforms. I have targeted the WinPhone project configuration here. In the next blog, will point to other platforms.

Simple Steps

  • Add Xamarin.Forms.Map to every project in the solution
  • Call the FormMaps.Init() method in each project to initialize the map
  • Create the Map object with region co-ordinates
  • Add that Map object in a layout in the PCL/Shared project


In the PCL/Shared project, Let’s add a new Content page and name it as MapPage.cs. Now time to add the below code to it.

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