[Released] : Xamarin support for Apple Watch Kit

Apple announced the Smart Watch last week !!!

What is Apple Watch ??
A smart watch to run in-built apps, download and run store apps, connect people, keeps track of health & fitness, keeps timing etc. Just more than a normal watch.


Can we develop apps for this ??
Yes, we can.

What are the prerequisites to develop an app for the watch ??

  • XCode 6.2 in MAC with the Apple Watch Kit to develop app for the watch
  • Latest version of Xamarin iOS
  • Visual Studio with Xamarin Plugin installed Or Xamarin Studio

Can we develop app for Apple watch using Xamarin ?
Yes, Xamarin has released support for Apple watch KIT this week. We can use either Visual Studio OR Xamarin Studio IDE to develop app for the Apple watch.

Some key points

  • We cannot install the app directly into the Watch. It needs an iPhone to get the app download, deploy and run in the watch.
  • The C# code to run the app stays in the Phone and the UI elements such as images, storyboard components etc resides in the watch.
  • While developing the app for watch, we need to specify the same bundle ID in the Watch app and in he iPhone app.

More references ?

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