[Released] : Xamarin support for Apple Watch Kit

Apple announced the Smart Watch last week !!!

What is Apple Watch ??
A smart watch to run in-built apps, download and run store apps, connect people, keeps track of health & fitness, keeps timing etc. Just more than a normal watch.


Can we develop apps for this ??
Yes, we can.

What are the prerequisites to develop an app for the watch ??

  • XCode 6.2 in MAC with the Apple Watch Kit to develop app for the watch
  • Latest version of Xamarin iOS
  • Visual Studio with Xamarin Plugin installed Or Xamarin Studio

Can we develop app for Apple watch using Xamarin ?
Yes, Xamarin has released support for Apple watch KIT this week. We can use either Visual Studio OR Xamarin Studio IDE to develop app for the Apple watch.

Some key points

  • We cannot install the app directly into the Watch. It needs an iPhone to get the app download, deploy and run in the watch.
  • The C# code to run the app stays in the Phone and the UI elements such as images, storyboard components etc resides in the watch.
  • While developing the app for watch, we need to specify the same bundle ID in the Watch app and in he iPhone app.

More references ?

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Child control Event handling in Listview using Xamarin.Forms

We can add child controls to Listview in Xamarin.Forms. In order to see the child control in action we will take an example. Let’s display a list of data in the Listview and perform delete option on the list data per row basis.

Since we need to add multiple columns in the list view, we need to use the DataTemplate to define the custom view. Let’s use a model class to assign the data to the custom view.

We will use XAML to design a Listview

In the above XAML, we have used the StackLayout as the parent container for the child views. It contains a Label and a Listview. UI Control is ready.

Time to add event to the child control
We will replace the Button control in the above XAML with the following line

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Display requirement specific keyboard using Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin uses the Keyboard class to show different virtual keyboards depending upon the user request. It contains several static properties to create different kind of virtual keyboards. Xamarin displays the Default Keyboard, if nothing is specified.

Keyboard for Chatting


It opens up the default virtual keyboard in the device, which would be convenient for chatting, having few extra keys.

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