Different pages in Xamarin

Pages are the basic components for application building. Pages when compiled to the iOS native app gets converted to UIViewController, Activities for Android and Pages for Windows Phone. Xamarin supports following type of pages.

Pages in Xamarin

Content page

  • Creates a simple page with single view
  • Contains scrollview or stack layout
  • Most commonly used type page

Carousel page

  • Renders swipe page on screen
  • It accepts a collection of pages
  • Number of content pages can be used to create a swipe page

Tabbed Page

  • Renders tabbed page on screen
  • Tabs get rendered depending on the platform
  • It also accepts a collection of pages

Master details page

  • This is kind of pages used to display 2 panes on screen
  • content can get rendered in 2 different panels
  • The first panel acts as a kind of master links to the second panel

Navigation page

  • Navigation page creates a navigational view
  • Allows navigation from a child link to an another page
  • It automatically renders a platform specific BACK button on the top navigation bar

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